Burnley-based Pretend girlfriend played an immaculate, hard rocking set packed with their own songs, familiar to many of the crowd, and went down a treat. As you will here from their CD (if you're lucky enough to have one inside your copy of burnout), they must be wondering which particular god they've pissed off, as their break out of the local scene has not yet come to pass.

Arts in the Park
(Blackburn summer festival)

Review by Blackburn fanzine 'burnout'


In a music world diluted by American rock trash, classic rock is a rarity. To find a band doing classic rock done well is an even greater treasure. Pretend Girlfriend do a mighty fine job of restoring order on this half hour EP.

Down On Wednesday has all the hallmarks of an early Manics rock n' roller while In Your Pocket combines military matching drums with a jaunty pop riff.

While Over My Head is angular Feeder-esque MOR, Limbo is Clash-like head down, backs against the wall rock – ‘smash it up…I haven't started yet' growls vocalist simmy – just try and stop him.

Lemon and Lime talks the talk and walks the walk with a Shack-like, wry take on the everyday hum drum of Joe Normal and with its searching guitar and nonchalant delivery it's a sure fire winner.

Like bangers, mash and dollop of beans – you know what you're gonna get but its damn tasty.

And whisper it quietly but Its Not The End Of The World actually sounds like the Stereophonics – when they were good – now that's something of really unbelievable.

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Review from the Lancashire music collective
(by Peter Guy)