Recorded in 2002, pretendgirlfriends style has evolved, the new songs have a punky edge to them.
Back at studio studio the recording was beginning to take shape. Noel however was nowhere to be seen.
He later turned up feeling rough after a heavy night out, played the bass tracks and spent the rest of the day in the listening room sleeping on the sofa.
After listening to the recording pretendgirlfriend were in agreement that this new direction is the right way forward
its not the end of the world cd cover


Tracks on its not the end of the world CD
1) Limbo
2) Its not the end of the world
3) In your pocket
4) Over my head

pretend girlfriend
Simmy - vocals, lead guitar
Smit - rhythm guitar, vocals
Danny - Drums, vocals
Noel - Bass
Lyrics by Simmy
Produced by pretendgirlfriend
Engineered by Pete Troughton
CD artwork by Smit