Recorded in 2001, pretend girlfriend now armed with new songs and bass player Noel, we were keen to get these recorded at the best quality the budget would stretch to. After a recommendation from Abacus studios we booked in at studio studio for a recording session.
Working With Pete Troughton at studio studio was a different experience for the band. Instead of the band doing all the work, all we had to do is play and invent.
The result was a CD demo called Down on wednesday.
Down on wednesday discography


Tracks on the Down on Wednesday CD
1) Down on Wednesday
2) Lemon and lime
3) Claustrophobic town

pretend girlfriend
Simmy - vocals, lead guitar
Smit - rhythm guitar, vocals
Danny - Drums, vocals
Noel - Bass
Lyrics by Simmy
Produced by pretendgirlfriend
Engineered by Pete Troughton
CD artwork by Smit