After writing new material on the road we tried them out a some gigs and they went down great. Our only problem was we had never heard a decent mix other than the muddy sound that usually lives on stage. So we went to studio studio to record and listen to songs that we were frequently getting asked for in gigs.

Track 4 came later on, another song that had being going down well live. This track was recorded at Abacus studio


Download Audio CD (cd image)

Shopping for free (mp3 128k)

Out in the cold (mp3 128k)

Green and alcohol (mp3 128k)

Shut the door (mp3 192k)

pretend girlfriend
Simmy - vocals, lead guitar
Smit - rhythm guitar
Danny - Drums, vocals
Noel - Bass
Produced by pretendgirlfriend
Engineered by Pete Troughton (studio studio) and keith Nash (Abacus studio)
CD artwork by Smit